Real Business Case #1

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Confirm or not a “Star”



  • Company A acquired by B for its commercial network and manufacturing capacities.
  • A is global leader in one Diagnostic segment with 2 (manual) Research solutions, not the B focus.
  • B is a leading company active in routine IVD market with CE-marked automated solution.
  • Clinical value of Diagnostic A is still under review by scientific community.



  • B is considering either to invest or divest in Diagnostic A:
  • To support the board decision, a  global opportunity plan / due-diligence is requested starting from pathology state-of-art, development to commercial implementation and involving scientists, KOLs, developers, QA/RA, Finance, Marketing.


Deliverable : 10-year master plan including

  • Pathology: current consensus through literature & KOLs, Epidemiology and trends.
  • New product design supporting the current commercial unmet needs and volume.
  • Different scenarios (aggressive, conservative, realistic) with financial projections based on set of assumptions.
  • A 5-year plan to progressively phase-out previous technologies and switch to new development respecting different current on-going commitments.


Decision (Board of Directors) 

  • Investment in the franchise A with high priority.
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